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Capabilities & Equipment

Alliance has invested heavily in innovative technology that enable us to use our laser ablation and induction process equipment to serve our customers more effectively. Together these strategic investments have put us at the forefront of the painting and de-coating industry.

This technology has made us leaders across Western Canada in:

Coatings removal

as members of the Hazardous Materials Association of BC, we’ve been removing coatings from a wide variety of surfaces for years, including lead paints, epoxies and fireproof coatings. Using our leading-edge technologies – lead ablation and induction heating removal processes – our staff are able to remove virtually any hazardous coatings safely, cost-effectively and with a reduced environmental impact than standard removal processes.

Weld and surface pre-treatment

Our staff are able to remove lubricants, ferrous and non-ferrous substances from metals, allowing you to produce high-quality welds and brazed seams that are smooth and pore-free. Our coating removal processes are also able to provide optimal surface conditions necessary for applying high-quality clear coatings or to enable new coatings to be applied over suitable base coat layers. As well as surface pre-treatment, we’re able to clean finished weld joints to remove thermal stains and weld residues such as oxides and residual flux materials.

Coating application

With decades of combined experience in coating application in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings, our staff are fully trained and equipped to apply coatings for industries from oil and gas to food and beverage (and everything in between). We’re certified members of the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations Association of BC) and District Council 38.

For more information on how Alliance can help you with either coating removal or coating application, contact us.