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Heating Induction Technology

While the technology behind Alliance’s induction heating de-coating process has been around in a basic form for many years now, the application of this process for coatings and rust removal on steel is leading-edge.

Powerful magnets a key ally in coatings removal

In a nutshell, heating induction involves using alternating current and an induction coil to generate a powerful electro-magnetic field. When used properly, this field generates heat below a coating on a steel substrate, resulting in the coating de-bonding quickly and easily from the metal surface.

At Alliance, we use this process to remove coatings from steel such as:

  • Multiple coatings including epoxies, urethanes and others
  • Lead paint
  • Fire-retardant coatings (PFPs)
  • Glued and vulcanized rubber as well as chlorinated rubber

Customers benefit in multiple ways

Heating induction is a highly efficient, cost-effective process that’s able to remove coatings of up to 5 mm thick and provides the following benefits to customers:

Reduced environmental issues

With no airborne particles nor water waste (or other media) that can be dangerous to the environment or operators, heating induction is a remarkably friendly process, with significantly reduced disposal costs. There is also virtually no noise that comes from the equipment, making it easy to operate anywhere in a busy warehouse or facility without disturbing nearby employees or neighbours.

Improved safety and ease of operation

No high-pressure hoses or media are used to remove the coating and PPE required is minimal. As well, use of the equipment doesn’t disrupt your regular operations because it’s safe, quiet and not intrusive.

Cost-effective and quick

Due to the speed and thoroughness of the removal process, the treatment is particularly cost-effective, with coating removal and recoating being able to be done in the same day. There’s no need for logistics or special handling of abrasive media and the variety of optional equipment for the de-coating process provides us with the flexibility to remove dozens of coating types. New coatings can be applied in the same day.

How does it work?

The induction disbonder works by the principle of induction. Heat is generated in the steel substrate and the bonding is broken.

The coating is then removed entirely without disintegrating and completely free from contaminating agents, i.e. blast media. This obviously makes disposal and recycling of waste easier and cheaper.

Even inside the pittings and cracks in the surface the coating is disbonded.

Dozens of uses, thousands of locations

Because of the many advantages of our induction heating process, we’ve been able to provide a wide range of Alliance customers with the service they need. We’ve worked with customers in industries such as:

  • Oil & gas
  • Financial
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Retail and food services
  • Marine
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Commercial pools and aquariums

For more information on how Alliance can help you using our induction heating technology, contact us.