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Laser Ablation Technology

At Alliance, our focus on exploring and using innovative technology led us to acquire a high-powered, portable laser that can be used for a wide range of industrial cleaning or de-coating situations.

Technology unleashed

Known as a CL-1000, the laser uses a focused laser beam to irradiate material and remove it from a solid surface. The laser produces short, powerful laser pulses that result in the unwanted coating being removed and sublimated (destroyed through vaporization).

At Alliance, we use this unique technology in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Mould removal
  • Lead paint removal
  • Pre-treatment of materials for welding, brazing or varnishing

Customers benefit in multiple ways

Laser ablation is a highly efficient, cost-effective process that provides the following benefits to customers:

Vastly reduced environmental impact

When compared to sandblasting or other coating removal processes, laser ablation is a remarkably “green” technology. Not only is there limited set-up and safety equipment required for the work area, laser ablation only produces a small fraction of the noxious or toxic residue generated by other de-coating processes. During the ablation process, the coating, residue or oxide that’s been targeted for removal is vaporized, requiring far less effort for safe, effective disposal of hazardous waste. This saves clients both time and money.

Maintains substrate integrity

Ablation does not metallurgically damage a metal substrate, maintaining the strength and integrity of the surface being de-coasted, whether it’s steel, aluminum, brick or stone. This flexibility allows us to work on surfaces and in locations that other companies aren’t able to and means that our equipment can be used for both research and industrial applications.

Dozens of uses, thousands of locations

Because of the many advantages of laser ablation, we’ve been able to provide a wide range of Alliance customers with the service they need. We’ve worked with customers in industries such as:

  • Oil & gas
  • Financial
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Retail and food services
  • Marine
  • Hotels & hospitality

For more information on how Alliance can help you using our laser ablation technology, contact us.