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Lead Paint Removal

Removing lead paint from a commercial or industrial structure can be a significant challenge, particularly when factoring in the need for worker and environmental safety when doing the job.

Investing in innovation to serve our customers

The difficulties involved in lead paint removal are exactly the issues that prompted Alliance to invest in technologies such as our lead ablation and induction heating removal processes. While both technologies are highly effective, they also offer our customers benefits in areas such as:

Improved environmental clean-up and protection

The quick and easy removal of lead paint by both processes – without the need for abrasive media – make for quicker clean-up and easier disposal of the lead paint residue.

Increased worker safety

Both technologies require minimal PPE (personal protective equipment) for operators and, because of the quiet, safe nature of the equipment, both types of lead paint removal processes can be done safely while your employees continue your day-to-day operations.

Greater substrate protection

Handled by our trained operators, neither lead ablation nor induction heating produce any damage to the substrates that we’re removing the lead paint from.

Flexible operation

The variable adjustments that can be made enable these technologies to be used for either full or partial removal of lead paint or other coatings.

Removing lead paint across many different industries

With years of experience and the advantage of our proven technology, we’ve been able to provide a wide range of Alliance customers with the lead removal services they need. We’ve worked with customers in industries such as:

  • Oil & gas
  • Financial
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Retail and food services
  • Marine
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Commercial pools and aquariums

For more information on how Alliance can help you with removing lead paint or other coatings, contact us.